30 minutes with Shirish Garud, The Energy and Resources Institute

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CSP Today catches up with Shirish Garud, The Energy and Resources Institute

CSP Today catches up with Shirish Garud from The Energy and Resources Institute, who will be sharing his expertise opinion on the importance of the organization at  the 1st CSP Today Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit India

CSP Today: What are the main opportunities for the CSP companies in India?

Shirish Garud: The government of India has launched Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) as part of its 'Action Plan for Climate Change' As part of this mission the government has set target of 20GW of solar energy by 2022. This presents huge opportunity to CSP industry. India has large areas of country with more than 2000 KWh/sq m /year DNI and huge demand for power so it makes CSP an appropriate technology to explore the potential of solar energy.  

CSP Today: How do you think the 'New Solar Mission' will change the CSP industry worldwide?

Shirish Garud: The new solar mission will; create market for CSP  in India, will give global CSP players an opportunity to develop low cost manufacturing base by leveraging India's strength in engineering and manufacturing and , by setting low cost research and development facilities to exploit India's vast pool of talented young engineers and scientists. As you know today India has one of the largest pools of young engineers in the world.   

CSP Today: What is the biggest challenge facing CSP developer in India? How can it be overcome?

Shirish Garud: The biggest challenge is to make it operational in India and prove the technology is suitable for Indian climatic and operational conditions. Setting up first few projects quickly is a challenge but once done, it will open flood gates for future projects  

CSP Today: How will the 1st Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit India help the industry move forward?

Shirish Garud: The first CSP summit is unique in its own way as it assembles for the first time in India, global CSP players and financial institutions etc. The business style approach and focus on project development and management issues apart from financing will give new investors confidence and opportunities. 

CSP Today: Why are you speaking at this event?  and what will you be discussing at the event?

Shirish Garud: I think its great honor and opportunity to speak at this conference. It will give me opportunity to interact with world CSP industry leaders and to put forward my views on how we can move together to make this world a better place for future generation through large scale use of CSP technologies.

Ahead of the 1st CSP Today Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit India (September 7-8 in New Delhi, India) CSP Today brings to New Delhi the most relevant international experience for the concentrated solar thermal electric (CSP) industry worldwide to apply it to the Indian market needs.

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