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CDM Smith 50m3 DIY Biogas Storage


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When CDM Smith, the American based global contractor specialising in water, environment and energy contacted us regarding biogas storage we knew it would be an interesting project! With new U.S. regulations requiring federal facilities to use renewable energy sources to meet 7% of energy needs by 2013 and 25% by 2025, CDM Smith are at the forefront of trialling renewable energy systems.

The Solution

After developing a containerised mobile digester and power generation plant, only one thing was missing – a suitable form of biogas storage to act as a buffer in the AD system. A 50m3 triple membrane biogas holder was specified and specially manufactured in white PVC fabric, an unusual choice given that they are usually produced in dark green to blend into an agricultural environment. However, this was not simply an aesthetic decision but one born out of necessity - with US facilities spread all over the world and sometimes located in extreme, desert environments the white PVC provides the maximum possible UV stability and performance when compared to darker coloured fabrics. Not usually a concern for farms in the UK!

DIY Install

The gas holder was duly shipped out to the USA for self-installation by CDM Smith and is proving to be the ideal partner to their AD system – quick to deploy and relocatable with a simple design that ensures reliability.

The Vision

CDM Smith regard AD as not just another step on the ladder to achieving a reduction in our reliance on environment damaging fossil fuels – it is estimated that US DoD installations alone could save over $7 million a year by eliminating waste disposal costs and benefitting from secure, sustainable sources of energy produced onsite, all through the implementation of simple AD technology.

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