Co-Fire Naturally


Courtesy of PRM Energy Systems, Inc.

PRM Energy System’s Naturally Gas Cofiring Machine
Your PRME Naturally produced biogas will come from biomass – not fossil fuels. Technically speaking, you will be “co-firing” gas produced by the thermal gasification of biomass. PRME’s Naturally Gas Co-firing process design is not experimental or “under development”, but has been commercially firing industrial boilers for nearly twenty years. Power generating utilities will find many advantages and opportunities for biogas cofiring:

  • Reduction/elimination of slagging and fouling of boiler surfaces as is experienced with solid fuel cofiring.
  • Elimination of solid fuel preparation for co-blending.
  • Elimination of coal ash contamination caused by biomass fuel co-blending.
  • Greater “green” fuel flexibility utilizing renewable agricultural and forest residues, segregated municipal solid waste (RDF) and dedicated energy crops.
  • Potential for reduced SO2 and NOx emissions.
  • Reduction in “green house” gases from firing with fossil fuels.

The PRME Biomass Gasifier is the ultimate stand-alone system which makes co-firing utility boilers safer, cheaper and faster.  The biogas can be fired directly into your existing power boiler. Precise control of the Gasification system can be exercised from an existing control room without additional operators.

We can build, own and operate the system, and sell you the biogas; or you can buy your own PRME Naturally Gas Co-firing system.

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