Danish biogas company turns again to mono nov


Courtesy of NOV (manufacturer of Mono™ products)

The process requires the waste to be in a mostly liquid form when it is pumped into the digester to achieve maximum efficiency in gas production. The waste is therefore efficiently reduced by the Muncher to a small particle size resulting in effective transportation, a more homogenous product and increased gas production. The consequent savings in transportation costs, combined with the increased production rate, has meant that the unit has recovered its cost within 18 months of its installation and is now contributing to the revenue generated by
this company.

The installed Mono Series F Muncher is a heavy duty, twin shaft grinder ideal for handling the various large solids processed. The twin shafts are fitted with a series of interleaving cutters and spacers, operating at differential speeds to create an effective tearing, cropping and shearing action for positive solids grinding. The Series F Muncher can handle capacities up to 10,000 kg/h, dependent on the materials being processed, and enables waste to be efficiently reduced to granular or shredded matter with volume reductions of up to 70%. Its independent drive shafts offer greater torque with the cutter/spacer arrangement determining the required particle size.

With the installation of the Series F Muncher the customer continues its partnership with Mono’s distributor in Denmark, Hans Buch, who had previously installed Mono’s TR Muncher and industrial progressing cavity pumps. These are operating successfully and have been efficient and problem-free since their installation in 2003 and 2004. When seeking to further streamline their operations and increase their productivity they turned to Mono once again to ‘munch their problems down to size’.

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