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Emotion Energy - Air Source Heat pump case study


Courtesy of Vortex Energy Saver

  • Customer: Emotion Energy
  • Location: Dumfries
  • Heating System: 12KW Calorex Air to Water Heat Pump
  • Installed: 09

Vortex was installed by Emotion Energy on an old isolated cottage which had been extended. They replaced an old oil boiler with a Calorex 12KW air to water heat pump and fitted Vortex at the same time. The client has 7 dogs and 4 cats and the doors are open most of the day.

Following installation the primary system reached a temperature of 70◦C which is unheard of in a heat pump of this type. As a result there was no need to oversize the radiators.

The lady has since advised that the house was too hot and Emotion Energy have reduced the temperature back to 55◦C.

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