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ENER-G Procurement Ltd select eSight for their online energy management service


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ENER-G Procurement Limited is a leading energy broker providing a comprehensive range of solutions to cost-effectively buy and manage energy, including independent energy and water consultancy, metering and data management, bureau services and energy efficient technologies. They have a broad client base & work with an impressive array of high street & blue chip organisations across the UK.

The Requirement

ENER-G Procurement required a solution to handle substantial amounts of energy data across a wide portfolio of client estates. They needed a system whereby data could be imported from thousands of meters, whilst allowing their clients to access energy data in a simple and straightforward way.

ENER-G Procurement needed a solution that would enable its energy consultants along with their clients to analyse load factor, energy consumption and costs and identify energy efficiency improvements. They also needed to be able to benchmark sites, implement exception reporting and set alarms to alert sites to potential overspending.

It was also important to find a solution whereby ENER-G Procurement could effectively incorporate an energy monitoring service (aM&T) into their portfolio and offer this service to their customers.

The Solution

ENER-G Procurement chose eSight Energy’s fully web-enabled energy suite eSight for their online energy service; opting for the Enterprise version which caters for systems with in excess of 1,000 meters. In addition, eSight Energy hosts eSight for ENER-G Procurement making it available over the Internet.

With the option of eSight Energy hosting eSight, there is no need to install any software to the client site. eSight can be accessed simply via Internet Explorer from any PC. ENER-G Procurement has implemented eSight for the management of many thousands of meters. Due to the scalable nature of eSight, ENER-G Procurement are able to continually add additional meters to the system as their customer base grows.

As eSight is a system comprised of 12 modules, ENER-G Procurement were able to select those most relevant to their business, making the entire package bespoke. Included within their selection were the Energy Analysis Module, the Benchmarking Module and the Exception Reporting Module.

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