How to take the headache and financial risk out of managing community heating

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The environmental benefits of community heating and the potential to deliver affordable energy to social housing residents are widely acknowledged, but many housing providers are put off by the complexity of managing such schemes and the financial risk involved.

Social housing metering and billing specialist ENER-G Switch2 has removed the headache and financial risk of managing community heating schemes with its new award winning G6 Plus that is transforming energy payment and energy efficiency for many district energy scheme operators across the UK.

The G6 Plus is  a small and attractive in-home display unit that shows residents how much energy they are consuming and how much it is costing them. But behind the unit is smart wireless data collection technology that powers flexible pay-as-you-go and credit billing options - removing the stigma and inconvenience from traditional token-based pre-payment systems. Residents find energy payment as easy as topping up their mobile phone.

From a developer’s perspective the G6 plus displays energy in accordance with ENE 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes,  with one valuable credit towards the attainment of the stipulated code level available for each energy type displayed.  

ENER-G Switch2 is prepared to accept and manage consumer debt on its G6 installations and can supply the technology and  any supporting metering equipment on a 'free-issue' basis, negating the need need for capital investment by the heating scheme operator. Cost is then recovered via a long-term service contract, becoming self financing.

The G6 is remotely managed and monitored from ENER-G Switch2's UK customer service centre, where its experienced team process and manage more than 12,000 energy bills per month and handle 20 million data transactions each year from over 400 district energy and community heating schemes. 

There's lots of buzz around community heating as housing providers seek opportunities to meet environmental targets, such as the Code for Sustainable Homes, and to deliver affordable warmth. The G6 Plus removes the risk and administrative problems in managing such schemes.

The G6 Plus has five data inputs, so additional meters can be connected for electricity or potable water. The secure wireless GPRS transmission and modular design simplifies and reduces the cost of installation - making the technology viable for new build and retrofit projects of any size, even at a tiny scale. As such, the technology  can be applied on 1 or 1,000 properties very easily with no need for a central data collector.  Software upgrades can be transmitted to each unit wirelessly, ensuring that future upgrades are simple, fast and cost effective. 


Find out more: View the G6 Video

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