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Lynxspring, leading building automation and control company, in partnership with eSight


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Lynxspring, founded in 2001, is a leading technology company addressing building automation control requirements with a focus on interoperability. Lynxspring manufactures and distributes web-enabled, open protocol control solutions to fit the simplest to the most complex criteria building owners expect in today's market. Using Tridium's web-based NiagaraAX software in an embedded platform, Lynxspring provides normalized interoperability with standard and open protocols, and many legacy systems.

The Requirement

Lynxspring required an energy system to provide as an online, managed service for clients. With the flexibility to scale according to the precise number of meter points at a client‟s site.

An important factor in Lyxspring‟s search for an energy management platform was the option for the system to be branded according to their corporate marketing guidelines. And the flexibility of „Lynxspring‟ customer access. They required the capability of administering the energy management suite themselves, and the means to distribute client access, without clients seeing each other‟s information.

It was crucial that Lynxspring chose a system that is scalable and cost effective for smaller buildings while also offering the ability and functionality to be used by larger organizations with multiple sites.

The Solution

Lynxspring evaluated various energy management solutions before selecting eSight. They chose eSight because the suite offers all the key requirements they needed including a fully branded system, the availability online or to install to site, a scalable system, and sophisticated techniques for analyzing data to indentify energy savings.

With the online system, or SaaS (software as a service) model, Lynxspring can provide access to eSight for clients on a pay-per-meter basis. Clients may elect to pay monthly or annually using this model. Through the Enterprise model, larger Lynxspring clients can purchase eSight outright, and install directly to site for operation by an internal energy management team.

Both system models are highly scalable and can be tailored to fit the number of meters and functionality required by the end user.

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