Oil Filter Elimination


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The need to state strictly and accurately the procedures for the collection and elimination of car oil filters is a topical subject, due to the injuries to health and environment that would be caused by an inappropriate storage and elimination. According to the Italian law, the expression “exhaust oil” identifies any  industrial oil or lubricant with a mineral or synthetic basis which is no more suitable for the use which it was originally made for, with a special regard to the oil used with combustion motors and transmission systems, as well as mineral oils for machinery, turbines or hydraulic power packs and those contained in used filters.

Realizing the danger of such substances, the legislative decree No. 95 dated January 27th 1992 already classified the exhaust oils among toxic noxious waste and stated some general principles with the aim to carry out the collection and the elimination of such substances avoiding any damage to health and environment and allowing energy and material recovery.

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