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Synergy Biogas - Case Study


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CH4 Biogas formed Synergy Biogas, LLC to build, own and operate a biogas facility at a Synergy Dairy that will produce renewable energy from manure and substrate.  Synergy Dairy will provide a site for the facility and supply manure to the facility. The facility will digest manure from the ~2000 milking cows at the dairy along with manure from another Linwood managed dairy in the immediate area and food grade organic waste transported to the site.  Biogas from the digester will fuel gensets with capacity to generate up to 1.4 mWh of renewable electricity. In addition to producing renewable electricity, the facility will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 10,000 tons of CO2 each year, produce 16,000 yd3 of bedding for the dairy and reduce manure odors.

Wyoming County, New York is one of the leading dairy production regions in the US. The Synergy Dairy in Covington, New York is owned by Synergy, LLC (Synergy), a partnership of large-scale dairy and field crop producers in Northwestern New York organized to develop and manage projects that benefit from their complimentary strengths. John Noble is the President and CEO of Synergy, LLC.  He founded Linwood Management Group a company responsible for managing more than 15,000 cows on dairies in New York and Wisconsin.  John is a graduate of Cornell University and has more than 25 years experience in dairy production. He serves on the Cornell University Board of Trustees, the New York State Agricultural Society and the Board of the Erie-Niagara Insurance Cooperative.

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