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Azelio AB

Azelio AB

Azelio was born from the conviction that the future can be powered by solar energy. Determined to break down the last barrier we have relentlessly worked to find an economically attractive and sustainable way of storing solar energy so that it can be tapped when and where it`s needed. Using a combination of proven technology and innovative engineering we have created a flexible solution that opens up unlimited opportunities for hundreds of millions of people around the earth’s sun belt. Since the inception Azelio has raised more than one billion SEK. The company is currently in an extensive expansion phase, finding new partners and establishing presence all over of the world.

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Regnbågsgatan 6 , Göteborg , SE 417 55 Sweden
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Solar Power
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Globally (various continents)

Stirling yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Cleanergy was founded in 2008 when we acquired the rights of the V 161 stirling engine from Solo Kleinmotoren GmbH of Germany.

Fortunately, we not only acquired the technology, but also the veteran team behind it. Thanks to our unique blend of knowledge, materials and processing expertise we are now poised to make sustainable stirling energy solutions a major, lasting part of global energy generation.

From landfill sites to solar parks, our engines are today installed at more than 100 locations around the world and have accrued some two million operating hours and counting.

All of which makes us the undisputed leader in stirling energy solutions for solar and gas.

Manufacturing excellence

The Cleanergy operation is built on the foundations of Swedish automotive excellence – literally.

Our high-volume production facility in Uddevalla, Western Sweden was formerly owned by Volvo. It’s built around the latest lean manufacturing principles and is supported by a network of automotive-grade suppliers and partners.

For our customers this guarantees quality, reliability, consistency – and security of supply.

Further afield we have offices across Northern Europe and have been established ‘on the ground’ in China since 2011 – as well as a strategic partner network that covers not just China, but Russia, Canada, US, and many European countries.