In the spring of 2007, Mike Berdan and Tom Carbone took on a task to develop a new Small Wind System for the emerging small energy industry. The goal was to develop a prototype of a revolutionary new Vertical axis design, with aspirations to meet some very strong requirements, not yet seen in the small wind industry. Tom Carbone, bringing an extensive background from the wind energy sector, and Michael Berdan with extensive background in materials, design, and manufacturing for the aerospace industry eventually collaborated meet and design a product, not yet seen in the small wind industry. We have a game changer here and the future is right at our door step in need of low cost, dependable power for everyone in the world.

Company details

16269 Wind View Lane , Winter Garden , Florida, USA

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Energy - Wind Energy
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
less than $1,000,000 US


What We Do

Designed and manufactured within the aerospace industry, our state of the art vertical axis turbines produce 15-20% more power efficiently than any other turbine, while generating usable power starting at wind speeds of 5-7 mph.

How We Do It

Our turbines have a propietary deflector system that creates optimum air flow and eliminates opposing wind. A unique aerospace design enables optimal operation in extreme wind conditions while ensuring the safety of the turbine by never exceeding a max RPM.

Why We Do It

We created our turbines in order to provide the growing urban environment with a source of renewable wind energy. In conjunction with providing sustainable energy within the United States, BE-Wind has reached beyond our borders in an effort to assist developing countries in producing sustainable energy where power resources are scarce.

Design to Market

With all these criteria in place, Mike Berdan was able to use his experience in automotive and aerospace design with the support from a world-renowned wind expert Tom Carbone and his group, to reach all these goals. With the support of wind tunnel evaluations and fluid dynamics, the first prototype of the EOW2 wind turbine was developed. After continued years of testing and design changes for structural functionality, Tom Carbone and Michael Berdan built an alliance and released the initial development data, thus, ending the testing phase.

Mike Berdan set off on his own to continue to design and modify the  structure and test new components, finding the best combination to pass onto the consumer. In a short 4 years, Mike Berdan patented the mechanical structure and functional features. US patient # 29/426,799 was approved and issued in 2012. Currently there are more patents pending in Canada and the EU.

Currently at BE-Wind

Currently at BERDAN-TECH, we seek to continue to attract a green and renewable customer base, which will allow us to setup a completely independent operation for manufacturing and development of new green technologies. We also seek to expand our designs, achieve our goals, and develop technology to further support an emerging and ever growing small wind market. In penetrating the global renewable energy market, we currently have functional and developmental turbines located in the United States, Canada, Germany, England, Nicaragua, and Belize.
“As an engineer, I am committed to developing this product to bring the most advanced small wind turbine technology to the consumer. We have a game changer here and the future is right at our door step in need of low cost, dependable power for everyone in the world. Combined with solar, we have found 2 products that were made for each other. This is a legacy I want to leave for everyone.  We are dedicated toward continuous improvements and added features, as technology changes, we want to be at the fore front of implementation and testing. “ - Michael Berdan 

The Process

'Our ambitions are to make a lasting impression in the small wind industry, with features and performance that will set new standards for this industry' - Mike Berdan

The achievement:

  • Function in low winds and generate useable power at a low wind velocity while at the same time being capable of handling extreme wind conditions.
  • The design must be very quiet and able to operate in the urban environment.
  • Supporting low elevation and mountable on existing buildings.
  • Durable Structure to with stand high winds with blade speed control and materials to ensure many years of performance, with low service and maintenance.
  • Light weight so the unit can be portable and easily assembled.
  • Simple design for manufacturing and installation and service.
  • Variable scalability for desired specific operations.
  • Low cost to the consumer with fast ROI.
  • A unique design to fit into any environment.
  • For Consumer, Business applications and portable power.
  • Allowing other future products to be adaptable.
  • Offer security with built in safety features and redundancy if failure occurs.

Ensure power production for both Grid tie and off grid applications.