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  • GEOsniff - Geothermal Monitoring

  • GEOsniff - Measurement Pig

    GEOsniff - Measurement Pig

    For manual or automatic insertion into the geothermal probe and measuring of a high-precision temperature-depth profile as well as the absolute depth of an geothermal probe. Charging the integrated energy store, transferring data and configuration is done with the VALIDATION BOX or with the GEOsniff AUTO BYPASS for continuous operation.

  • GEOsniff - Auto Bypass System

    GEOsniff - Auto Bypass System

    Automatic insertion and removal of a GEOsniff TP MEASUREMENT PIG for reliable continuous operation of an geothermal probe as well as a long-term monitoring of the depth-temperature profiles in small and large geothermal plants.

  • GEOsniff - Auto TRT Kit

    GEOsniff - Auto TRT Kit

    System to implement an automatic Enhanced Geothermal Response Test (EGRT) with a heating cable inside or outside of an geothermal probe. The measurement is carried out with cyclically inserted GEOsniff TRT MEASUREMENT PIGS into the geothermal probes.

  • GEOsniff - Wireless or Wired Sensor

    GEOsniff - Wireless or Wired Sensor

    Wireless or wired sensor for insertion into the geothermal probe and measuring a high-precision geothermal course profiles in a 3D coordinate system. The evaluation of the measurement data takes place with a professional software.

  • GEOsniff - Starter Kit

    GEOsniff - Starter Kit

    Combination of professional measurement technology with user-friendly operation for generating a depth-temperature profile of a geothermal probe via smartphone. The all-inclusive package meets all the needs and requirements that are necessary for the measurement, visualization, validation and quality assurance of geothermal probes.