GAUZER was established in the early 70`s. Since then, we developed our expirience and knowlwdge in solar energy -solar heating. During the 40 years continuously progress we have succesfully gained an important position in Greek and international market. The product range start from the passive solar systems ( 120 160 200 300 lt )the solar collectors and the drain back solar aplications.

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26 D. Theodora str, Metamorfossis , Athens , Greece 14452 Greece

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Energy - Solar Power
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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About Passive Solar Systems:
Our passive solar systems have become the most important since the Greek and European market demand for Solar Energy. We produce in four different sizes: 120 lt, 160 lt, 200 lt and 300 lt.

About Solar Collectors:
In this field of our 30year experience in manufacturing we developed three types of solar collectors:
Drain Back, Panel selective and Tube Selective Collectors with strong isolation of poured polyurethane and especially extra clear polyprismatic unbroken glass in different sizes: 1sm, 1,5 sm, 2 sm.

About Hot Water Boilers:
We produce two types of Solar Water Heater Boiler, double energy (heated by solar and electric energy) and three energy (heated by solar, electric energy and general heating) in different sizes from 120 lt - 1000 lt.