Sunforge LLC

Sunforge LLC

We create advanced Solar MPPT charge controllers, designed to give you power when you need it most. People all over the world trust our controllers to power their systems. Lightweight and durable, our Genasun brand MPPT solar charge controllers are great for mobile, urban, or harsh environmental conditions. From the South Pacific to the Arctic Circle, they power your system through all conditions. Leave shore power behind and explore with your batteries fully charged. With Genasun powering the way, critical systems will have power through the long haul. Our products were born on the sea and continue to provide reliable, efficient charging no matter where the winds take you.

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2598 Fortune Way, Suite K , Vista , CA 92081 USA
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Solar Power
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Globally (various continents)

No condition too harsh

Though our controllers were born at MIT and made in the USA, they usually end up living pretty far from home. Designed and tested to withstand the most intense conditions on earth, Genasun controllers can brave years traversing the roughest seas, endure harsh Antarctic winters, power freezing upper-atmosphere flights on solar planes, and deliver steady, reliable power to the most remote locations on earth. It’s all because of our industry-leading technology, created to deliver solar power you can count on.

Designed to Survive.

Alex MeVay, Genasun’s founder, was sailing the Yucatan in 2003 when his power went out. An industry leader’s PWM solar charge controller had failed somewhere between Guadeloupe and Boston, leaving him stalled in the open ocean to fend for himself. MeVay disassembled the controller to find poorly designed electronics and more cut corners than he could count. And though he had spares available, he was unnerved having bet his life on a shoddy solar component.

After returning to the USA, MeVay joined the MIT solar car team, where he spent the next three years refining leading-edge design of solar charge controllers and lithium batteries, and designing what would later be Genasun’s first MPPT controller. And thus, a new day in solar power began.