VALOREM is an independent green energy operator with 18 years experiences and 145 employees. VALOREM handle every aspect of renewable energies, from development, to construction, through technical studies and operating-maintenance and provides his technical assistance in France, Europe, Caribbean and Africa. VALOREM group provides a large panel of services, technical assistance and expertises to help you for your green energy projects. Our subsidiaries are : VALREA for construction; VALEOL for research and development, transport and commissioning; VALEMO for operating and maintenance and OPTAREL for energy management systems. VALOREM has developed a large range of high level technical services to carry out your green energy project.

Company details

213, cours Victor Hugo, 33323 , Bègles cedex , France France

Locations Served

Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Energy - Renewable Energy
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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A pioneer in French wind power

VALOREM was created in 1994 to promote renewable energy as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. In 1997, the founder and president, Jean- Yves Grandidier*, was joined by Pierre Girard who shares the same values and concerns. Within 15 years, VALOREM has become a market leader in green energy production.

*Jean-Yves Grandidier was also the co-founder of FEE (France Énergie Éolienne) in 1996, the French association of wind energy professionals

An independent green energy producer

Our core values:

  • To invest in research and development,
  • To develop environmentally friendly projects which are anchored locally together with all those involved,
  • To promote eco-friendly energy production.

A committed and eco-responsible industrial player

VALOREM’s techniques are entirely compatible with a growing concern for sustainable development in our society. VALOREM is a medium-sized company in which employees can work to their full potential in pleasant and environmentally friendly surroundings.

Conventional energy sources such as uranium for nuclear reactors and fossil fuels (coal, oil, and gas) are not inexhaustible. Furthermore, their extraction, treatment, and shipment are both costly and harmful to the environment.

The advantages of renewable energy sources (wind, biomass, hydroelectric, photoelectric, solar, and geothermal power) have been open to debate in the past few years.

These natural power sources are unquestionably good for the environment:

  • Little or no toxic waste
  • Located close to consumers
  • Can be used alongside conventional energy sources