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All the wind turbines are designed with the clear ambition to combine a high level of quality and safety with a competitive price ­level. An increasing number of people are choosing to produce their own electricity in order to take control of their energy costs and reduce their impact on the environment. At WindEn we have many years of experience from wind turbines in general and from the small-scale industry in particular. We offer our customers a turnkey solution all the way from the concept through the initial stage and onto the examination process and finally to the construction stage, installation and operation.

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Theres Svenssons Gata 10 , Gothenburg , Västra Götalands l SE-417 55 Sweden

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Energy - Wind Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

All designs have been made ­according to MCS and the European ­standard ­concerning small wind turbines SS-EN 61400-2:2006, a prerequisite to obtain ­CE-marking.


In order to ensure the quality of the wind turbine, a robust and secure technical solution has been chosen to form the base. The turbines are being built from a mix of uniquely designed parts together with ­standard parts from well established European companies. Assembly takes place at our affiliated company, UFAB in Uddevalla, on Sweden’s west coast. They ensure a high quality final product.

The turbine uses the force of the wind to find the most efficient position to operate in. In addition to always following the varying directions of the wind, it is also a robust and uncomplicated solution. The wind turbines are equipped with asynchronous ­generators, which are close to impossible to wear out. At the same time, they also ­offer an uncomplicated connection to the electrical network. A large diameter rotor combined with low rpm’s makes the ­operation quiet and also gives a high output at low winds.


As the small wind turbines often are located close to homes, safety is crucial. Our turbines have therefore been ­designed with two totally independent safety ­systems. Apart from that, all vital parts are calculated using huge safety margins.

All parts in the construction are ­dimensioned to sustain very high wind speeds without putting safety at risk. All turbines are equipped with two ­different brake systems that work ­independently from each other. One is applied on the generator shaft, whereas the other tilts the tip of the wing creating a loss of speed for the rotor. The result is a wind turbine with a high level of safety.

Assembly at site and commissioning

Our turbines are simple to assemble. Some parts of the work can, by choice, be made by the customer, whereas some parts must be performed by certified technicians. The dealer can in most cases offer a fully erected wind turbine at your site.


The company was formed in 2006 by brothers Niclas and Fredrik Axelsson, both civil engineers from Chalmers. They decided to focus on the development of small-scale wind turbines, so-called ‘small wind turbines’. WindEn has been part of the Mattsson Group since 2009.

The wind turbines have been developed to combine a high level of safety and quality with a competitive price. WindEn currently offers two different sizes of its wind turbines, 30 kW and 43.5 kW. The wind turbines have an estimated service life of at least 20 years and have been specially manufactured for farms, agricultural use, and domestic use and for small commercial enterprises that want to take control of their future energy costs.

WindEn – part of the Mattsson Group

The Mattsson Group was formed in 1961 and is a technology group consisting of well-positioned development partners and system suppliers within the following areas:
Mechanics, Marine Design, Wind Power and Paper and Cardboard.