ABB collaborates with universities to harvest energy from the sun


Source: ABB

ABB is the leading partner for solar power generation and can deliver the know-how, products and systems for large, efficient power plants as well as small, efficient buildings.

In Solar Decathlon 2009, the competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy to create the most energy efficient house, ABB Germany has provided expertise and specific ABB intelligent building components for students of the Technical University of Darmstadt.

Likewise, ABB Spain has been working since the beginning with Team Spain, made up of students and teachers from the Polytechnical University of Madrid. In order to make their Black & White House project more efficient, a large solar panel installed on the roof, powered by ABB electrical systems and moved by ABB motors and drives, uses a tracking system to follow the movement of the sun.

In 2010, the first European Solar Decathlon will take place in Madrid, organized by the Polytechnical University of Madrid, and ABB Spain will also be present as a key partner.

ABB fosters close relationships with key innovators in the solar sector, such as universities, in order to share knowledge and expertise.

But ABB also funds in-house research to find new ways to make the sun work harder for us by investigating new solutions to track the sun’s path (recently tested at the Totana photovoltaic plant in Spain) and new ways to manage and control installations using systems such as SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) or Power GenerationTM software.

This quest for innovation in the solar sector made ABB one of the founding partners of the Desertec initiative, and the originator of the concept of harvesting large amounts of electrical power from the world's deserts.

ABB solutions to increase wise energy use in buildings - such as intelligent building controls and motors made more efficient through ABB drives - are pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency in buildings, making ABB the partner of choice in this sector as well.

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