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Achieving optimum output from energy management data


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Energy data collection and management systems are seldom driven to their optimum capability of performance and benefit.  Could this apply to your organisation? If the answer is yes, then it’s doubtful you will be on your own.  So many companies are ‘data rich and information poor’ and can be unsure on whether the data is reliable, actionable or indeed the best data to be collecting.

Astonishingly, some energy data management systems have over 400 reporting options and templates. These systems often appear “simple” but in truth are so sophisticated, so capable, they require real energy management skills and knowledge to drive them to their full capability and extract maximum benefit. This is where an ‘energy data power player’ can lead the way and begin to interpret the data correctly, establish what the outcomes really mean and then set to work on assessing the changes and outcomes.

Many organisations outsource their energy management monitoring to companies that have little or no understanding of their business. Identifying and gathering the right data and configuring the right reports requires not only an understanding of the system, but more especially, a deep understanding of energy management in the context of your organisation’s activities, processes, objectives and goals. This is energy data power play.

Energy management support company, Drumbeat Energy work with organisations to study and discuss business operations, provide independent and impartial assessments of how existing energy data systems are used and then will highlight where and how it can be improved. They will even help key members of staff to become “Energy Data Power Players” to extract maximum performance. Typically, the benefits show themselves on the bottom line.

Drumbeat aims to transform the way that businesses and other organisations manage their energy consumption.  It offers them a simple and effective approach to all aspects of managing energy in buildings.

The cost-efficient energy management support service helps UK businesses to better manage their energy in-house. Become an Energy Data Power Player today.


If you think that Drumbeat can add value to your sector specific organisation, or for more information on how we can work with your business to provide a bigger service to your clients, call 0207 078 4103 or email us here to arrange an initial exploratory telephone chat.

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