Aspectrics Launches Innovative New Biodiesel Quality Analyzer 1000 (BQA 1000) for Measurement of Incoming Feedstock and B100 Quality


Pleasanton, CA (October 19, 2007) – Aspectrics, Inc., the innovator of patented Encoded Photometric Near Infrared (EP-NIR) spectroscopy technology, further extends its biodiesel portfolio offering with the launch of the new Aspectrics Biodiesel Quality Analyzer 1000 (BQA 1000). Designed to provide fast and efficient results, the new analyzer incorporates the revolutionary Aspectrics EP-NIR technology, a robust sampling interface and an easy to use graphical user interface. In addition, the innovative Aspectrics BQA 1000 is pre-calibrated for a number of biodiesel production applications. This comprehensive at-line system enables users to carry out biodiesel production quality control and to analyze the biodiesel production process from start to finish. The BQA 1000 is a complete at-line package for biodiesel analysis and will be showcased on booth #35 at the International Congress on Biodiesel 2007, November 5-7, Vienna, Austria.

The new Aspectrics BQA 1000 is designed to measure multiple points throughout the biodiesel production process, improving operations and maximizing yields. Providing quick and reliable analyses, the Aspectrics BQA 1000 delivers results in seconds compared with other chromatographic based instruments which can take up to an hour. The integrated sampling interface simplifies analyses for at-line operation. In addition, the new graphical interface provides ease of operation and navigation, with real-time results displayed on the screen. Consequently, the analyzer is easy-to-use, training costs are reduced and there is no need for sample preparation.

The Aspectrics BQA 1000 analyzer features a number of precalibrated applications to expedite set up and on-going analyses. In addition, new calibrations can be added to the analyzer to meet future testing requirements. Users are able to create their own calibrations or they can have Aspectrics Professional Services group create these custom process calibrations for a small development fee. This new Aspectrics turnkey solution enables users to analyze incoming raw materials as well as finished products for contaminates such as water percentage, methanol concentration, total glycerine, bound glycerine and Free Fatty Acids (FFA). The BQA 1000 is a rugged at-line analyzer specifically designed for the harsh environment of the biodiesel production plant.  As a result, the analyzer is easy to clean, service and operate.

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