Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA)

Bioenergy Study Tour Denmark - September 2016


We our offering the opportunity to travel to Denmark on a bioenergy tour. The cost will be in the region of €550. This will include 3 nights accommodation, flights and travel in Copenhagen, it does not cover food expenses. If you are interested in participating please contact Teresa O’Brien at Further details to follow.

The proposed schedule includes some of the following highlights:

  1. Visit to Ramboll a leading district heating consultancies,
  2. The Vestfyyn brewery which has a newly installed 4MW woodchip boiler
  3. Frichs – site visit where they produce engines and thermal power systems,
  4. Oue CHP Plant – 1 MW – Wood pellets, location Maelkevejen, Hobro,
  5. Gassum-Hvidsten CHP Plant – 1MW straw, Mariagervej, Spentrup,
  6. Auning District Heating Plant – 5 MW straw, Energivej, Auning
  7. Glesborg Heating Plant – 2 MW Woodchip, Dusager, Arhus,
  8. LIN-KA Energy – Installer of Biofuel heating and steam plants.

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