Biomass hits the streets of Valladolid, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Logroño and Guadalajara thanks to a joint action by AVEBIOM and IDAE

Burgos is the next stop on the first leg of the ‘Biomasa en tu casa’ tour, which will end on 29th March.

Biomasa en tu Casa’ is a roving exhibition of equipment, solutions, installations and biofuels aimed at increasing awareness of thermal uses for biomass among users and consumers of all ages.
The tour, which began in Valladolid on 26th February, stopped off in Vitoria from the 5th to the 8th of March and carried on to Logroño and Guadalajara the following weeks. The roadshow, organised by 
AVEBIOM and IDAE, will hit the road again in October to take in another five Spanish cities.
Questions, doubts and mistrust
The public going to ‘Biomasa en casa’ as it passes through the different cities has been very varied, with a large number of people having scarce knowledge of what biomass really is. Visitors have satisfied their curiosity by asking the technical staff on the stand about a seemingly endless list of questions, queries, and points of mistrust, some of which were repeated insistently.
A few of the recurring issues have to do with biomass price stability if its use became generalised; the suitability of using this energy source in blocks of flats in cities in the face of possible problems when storing biomass; whether radiators used for other fuels can be used for biomass as well; the smells that could arise in a house; whether the equipment needed special additional cleaning or made much noise; the difficulty of finding supplies; and whether there were subsidies for changing to this kind of installation.
By resolving all these concerns put forward by citizens, the activity meets the aim set out by AVEBIOM and IDAE: to offer reliable information and remove prejudice.
Impact in the cities visited
A definitive report has yet to be made, but a preliminary idea of the roadshow’s ‘visual impact’ on the cities so far visited can be gained. AVEBIOM estimates from this first leg that, on average, 5,000 people per day have passed through the stand or have simply seen it from nearby areas. Another indicator of attendance is the number of promotional magazines handed out to participants interested in taking home more information. This estimate coincides with the number of citizens who have visited the show and have received personalised information from the accredited technical staff there: an average of 860 magazines per day handed out personally.

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