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- Model 5.0 - Offshore Wind Turbine



The systematic further development of the proven aeroMaster technology for offshore use, even more reliable, more efficient. The design of the aeroMaster 5.0 wind turbine typifies the know-how our engineers have accumulated from two successful development projects for 5 MW offshore wind turbines. This makes aerodyn the leading global player in the design and implementation of large offshore wind turbines. Like with the onshore aeroMaster models, emphasis in this aeroMaster 5.0 was placed on reliability, cost effectiveness and high yields. The proven and reliable aeroMaster drive train technology has also been adapted for the aeroMaster 5.0 offshore turbine.

The aeroMaster 5.0 is available in different versions comprising two alternative electrical systems (squirrel cage or permanent magnet generator) with different voltage levels (low voltage or medium voltage) and two different rotor diameters ranging from 130 m to 139 m for an optimum energy yield in sites with different wind conditions.

Optimization for sites with high and mean wind speeds flowed into the design as well and makes operation cost-effective in all wind conditions. As a result, this opens up a far greater number of potential installation sites, making the aeroMaster 5.0 optimally equipped also for future offshore markets.

aM 5.0/130

  • Nominal power:5000 kW
  • Rotor diameter: 130 m
  • Type class: TC 1B
  • Rated speed: 12.5 rpm

aM 5.0 / 139

  • Nominal power: 5000 kW
  • Rotor diameter: 139 m
  • Type class: TC 2B
  • Rated speed: 11.8 rpm

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