LLC Bioprom Kharkiv

- Model 8050 грн - Universal Controller



A new Bio Universal Controller is designed to control boilers with automatic fuel supply and includes both local and fully functional remote monitoring and control of boilers operation via the central server what allows performing scheduling of boiler-houses operation and operation of furnace rooms. Android platform support. Support of two types of operation mode – PID, Start/Stop. Advanced list of control elements, support of two variants of burner flame start-up control: with the help of optical sensor or flue gases sensor.

  • Bio Universal Controller is designed for control of flare pellet burners and retort pellet burners in boilers with automatic fuel supply.
  • Bio Universal is rated for aggregate capacity of control elements having 3000 Watt, what allows using it to control boilers of high power.
  • Удалённое управление контроллером Bio Universal происходит при подключению к Wi-Fi роутеру с выходом в сеть интернет либо напрямую, при подключении смартфона через Wi-Fi соединение.
  • Bio Universal is equipped with USB Type B connector to carry out update of software that is posted and stored on the company server. Access to the software is given once the user has registered his Controller, the user obtains full remote access to his unit for monitoring and setting up.

  • Controls boilers with automatic fuel load

  • Power supply V/Hz 230/50
  • Fan max power 1 Watt 200
  • Fan max power 2 Watt 200
  • Central heating pump max power * Watt 1000
  • Hot water supply pump max power * Watt 1000
  • Feeder max power* Watt 300
  • Igniter max power* Watt 1000
  • Temperature measurement range °С 0-95
  • Measurement accuracy of other temperature °С 2
  • Flue gas temperature measurement range °С 0-400
  • Protection level IP IP40
  • Central heating temperature adjustment range °С 40-90
  • Hot water supply temperature adjustment range °С 40-90
  • Fusing element A 10

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