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First Light Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of compatible and economical Aquafine SE (single ended) and DE (double ended) replacement lamps. First Light offers the cross reference below for the Aquafine ColorGuard  system but does not attempt to duplicate or copy the ColorGuard  system as it is a unique feature of the Aquafine Corporation. 

First Light is confident that we can support our partners and customers to assure accurate product selection and replacement without the need for “kindergarten” color coding.   Certified and traceable lamp “Validation” is offered as an added service.

Compatible Replacement:  Simply unplug the old lamp and clip in the replacement lamp.  Physically and functionally equivalent to the Aquafine replacement lamp.  This replacement alternative is manufactured in the USA by First Light Technologies, Inc.

Economical Replacement Cost:  Cost savings alternative to the higher priced Aquafine lamp

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