AXINAR-Innovative Heating Systems

AXINAR-Innovative Heating Systems

- Model 25-150 kW - Pellet Boiler

Axinar presents the new class 5 boiler. PelletWork belongs to the top class boilers with 93.4% efficiency and 20 times less emissions. Minimal CO2 and Dust makes PelletWork boiler an environmental friendly heating system, totally aligned with international standards. PelletWork boiler is the ideal solution for low-cost high-efficient heating installation.


The turbulators are maximizing the efficiency of the boiler. Also, with a outside lever with 3 simple oscillations, you keep the heat exchanger clean.

The burner connection point is square-shaped, 17x17 cm, and is suitable for any type of pellet burner. The boiler has been tested with Pellas, Ferroli, Condor, PelletTech and Bernonfire burners.

Axinar boiler has five vertical flue gas paths with turbulators, ensuring the lack of flue gas from ash or combustion remains. In addition, the large sized surface of heat exchange leads to high efficiency and fuel economy.

The process of pre-dimensioning is based on a load of 10.000 cal/m3.

The ash tray has a depth of 24 cm and it is divided in two compartments. Its capacity is 30 lt (2.000 kg of pellets) so you don't need to clean the boiler regularly.


Why Axinar?


Class 5 boiler

Less fuel consumption, less fuel and maintenance cost, environmental friendly. Acceptable of all European menbers.


High power Density


Due to its intelligent design, it has the max volume to power ratio, in market. Because of its compact design the boiler may be installed at areas of limited space. It may even be installed under a balcony or a staircase.

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