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The AxSTREAM platform for multidisciplinary turbomachinery design, analysis and optimization software tools provides a fully integrated and streamlined solution for the complete flow path design process of axial turbines.

Starting from the preliminary design (defining basic machine performance from just a few simple parameters such as geometrical constraints, inlet/outlet boundary conditions), AxSTREAM® progresses through a 1D inverse task solver optimizer, to continue with meanline (1D) and axisymmetric (2D) analysis, profiling and 3D blade design, 3D finite element analysis (FEA) for structural calculations, secondary air flow hydraulic and thermal calculations (including cooling), rotor design, bearing analysis, rotor dynamics and 3D CFD calculations.

When the axial flow turbine design project is finished, AxSTREAM® provides easy export of the blade geometry and its attachments (root, disk, wires and shroud) to the most common file formats allowing users to link with their existing capabilities for further analyses or creation of manufacturing drawings.

The tasks user can solve with AxSTREAM® include:

  • Design new axial turbines from scratch
  • Analyze existing axial turbines and their performance at design and off-design conditions
  • Redesign, optimize, rerate and upgrade existing axial turbines/components
  • Reverse engineer axial turbine designs
  • Troubleshoot and correct efficiency/reliability issues in existing hardware
  • Optimize cooling configuration and flows for new and existing axial turbines

As a fully integrated turbomachine design software platform, the AxSTREAM® platform provides users with the full array of axial turbine design software solutions, whatever the compressible or incompressible working fluid (steam, gas, mixtures, organic fluids, refrigerants, sCO2, combustion products, etc.), across all of the crucial design stages for single-stage, multi-stage and multi-module configurations.

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