- Model MS-1E- 15 - 1 Axis Seasonal Tracker



MECASOLAR Seasonal 1-Axis Azimuth trackers from MECASOLAR have a Polar Axis that can vary the tilting angle manually. This variation in the tilt degree can range from 35º, ideal for the winter season to 20º for the summer season. The required degree of tilt at any given moment can be made by the customer at any time of the year, depending on the season of the year and latitude in which the facility is located. The operation to change the angle of the Polar Axis takes 10 minutes.

  • Metal structure and grill for 15.36 kWp (Sixty-four 240 Wp modules) panels.
  • Automatic tracking with PLC in a fully wired independent panel, including motor guards, PLC power supply, varistors, etc.
  • Three-phase gear motor for azimuth axis.
  • Hook-up/connection cabinet for storing protectors (magnetothermic, differential, power surge protection), installed and fully wired.
  • Two 6.0 kWn single-phase SMA Sunny Boy SB6000 inverters for outdoor use, IP65.

  • Tracker axis 1-AXIS: Azimuth (vertical)
  • Modules Maximun surfaces 1141 square feet (106 m2)
  • Grill sizes 43.5 feet x 26.2 feet (13300 mm x 8000 mm.)
  • Maximum Photovoltaic Power 15,36 kWp (depending on the efficiency)
  • Azimuth drive By gar motor and cogged crown wheel
  • Azimuth rotation angle Vertical axis:-120º a + 120º
  • Tilt Actuator Manual micrometric screw
  • Polar axis tilt Adjustable from 20º to 35º
  • Motor consumption 40 kWh/year
  • Motor operating voltage 380 V Three-phase
  • Structure Hot dipped galvanized steel structure
  • Structure design Base structure on cogged crown wheel
  • Weight without modules, and without foundation 4629 lb (2.100 kg)
  • Electrical cabinents and PLC Protection Metal, weathertight, fully wired IP66. Includes PLC, wired to motor and protection
  • Electrical supply cabinet Metal, weathertight, fully wired IP66. Includes AC overvoltage protection, PIAs and differential (only for MS-1E TRACKER 15+)
  • Tracking technology Independent Astronomical programming of PLC
  • Monitoring On-site, Ethernet, Internet (OPTIONAL)
  • Inverters 2 SMA SB 6000 invertors 6.0 kW nominal, IP65 1 SC 500 HE for 50 trackers
  • Modules to be installed Any type of PV modules Module holder profile not required.
  • Maximun weight of modules 3307 lb (1.500 kg)
  • Wind protection system Weathervane position at speeds greater that 60 km/h
  • Foundation Circular surface footing, 13 cubic yards concrete with mesh. Optional anchor bolts, direct bolt anchoring
  • Complies with Actions on the structure: Eurocode 1, state regulations, ASCE-7 05. Steel structure: Eurocode 3 y LRFD (13th). Combination of actions: Eurocode 0 (national anexes), state regulations, ASCE-7 05
  • Manteinance Annual revision of electrical and mechanical parts to maintain the lifetime warranty.


The design of the omega panel support structure provides the MECASOLAR tracker with incredible FLEXIBILITY when it comes to installing different panels made by various manufacturers. The system can handle a maximum power of 15,36 kWp.


On the MS1E TRACKER the polar axis can be manually adjusted, adapting to the various seasons as established to maximize production. Adjusted by a manual micrometric screw it enables the angle of the traditional 1-axis solar azimuth tracker to be tilted between 20º and 35º on the horizontal plane, thus increasing production by an additional 5% with regard to the traditional 1-axis azimuth tracker.


The plots occupied by the MS-1E TRACKER are very similar to the plots occupied by the traditional NON-seasonal 1-axis solar tracker, which results in a greater return on investment.


Foundation on surface footing - 13 cubic yards - that does not require any excavation. It is only necessary to clean off the terrain, removing the top layer of vegetation and levelling the ground.


Each of the three phases is connected to each one of the 3 inverters. This feature reduces losses due to wiring and provides a more balanced power output. Upon any damage in any of the 3 phases, 2/3 of the installation is still productive.


Each MECASOLAR solar tracker comes equipped with an independent PLC controller, which works to monitor solar movements, to handle the prevailing weather conditions and to perform remote operations.


The MECASOLAR tracker motors consume less energy per year (40 kWh/year), resulting in reduced maintenance. Likewise, the robustness of their design and fabrication guarantees the investment over the long term. Furthermore, the easy installation reduces labour costs and time spent on the construction project.

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