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Biogas Domes


Alligator created the biogas dome, with its famous double membrane storage system, 30 years ago to store bio and landfill gasses. This system, where the pressure mounting in the outermost chamber ensures the correct pressure in the innermost chamber, is used in a wide range of water purification, landfills and agrarian biogas systems. Albers Alligator's domes come in sizes ranging up to 6,000 m3 and are highly suited to storing biogas of pressures of up to 60 mbar.

Plenty of experience
Our company has years of experience so we can create highly reliable and low-maintenance storage systems. The right choice of shape, material and production method ensure a balanced whole with the right amount of space, the ability to move the storage from place to place, and sufficient sustainability. We use the most modern design, cutting and welding methods to this end. Albers Alligator has been supplying gas storage systems that meet these criteria to industrial clients for 30 years now.

Albers Alligator

  • has a great deal of experience and expertise in the field of gas domes and holders made from flexible materials.
  • provides advice on material choice, dressing, and installation.
  • works carefully and efficiently.
  • inspects and tests materials and connections in their in-house laboratory.

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