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Heat Exchangers


Tecnolam Italiana s.r.l. also manufacturers heat exchangers, i.e. of the Air-Air, Air-Fumes, Air-Water types. In order to satisfy our customers’ requirements, all the exchangers we produce are made with first class materials, galvanized sheet metal or stainless steel, and with specific processing techniques, but with flexible forms and dimensions so that they can adapt to the specific requirements of each application. This is how we can offer a top quality product that is extremely versatile, so much so that this fundamentally industrial product has also been widely employed in the agricultural sector.

Heat exchangers Technical specifications (basic model) Size: height 1,100; length 1,100, width 500 Electric motor: 1.1 kW 10P Rotor: helical 15,000 m³/h, excellent performance Hourly water consumption for operation: 2 m³/h from well supply at 16°C Also operates with water from milk cooler in milking room. Its performance in this case is notably improved. Weight: approximately 150 Kg Noise level: 60 dB A

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