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Heat pumps are the best choice for economical heating, hot water and air conditioning in new or existing homes, hotels, offices, shops and the use of geothermal energy. They fully replace petroleum in homes and buildings with radiators or underfloor heating and air conditioners.

The heat pump is a heating system that is based on an amazing operating principle: instead of generating heat by consuming fuel, it transfer / draws (hence the name “pump”) the heat that already exists, from one space to another. In winter, therefore, the heat pump takes heat from outside air and brings it into our house, warming the water heater, as oil did until now. The same heat pump can also be used as an air conditioning unit to cool our house during the summer.

Sure you’re wondering: “But where it finds heat in winter when out is so cold?”

Yet, the air even in winter, containing heat absorbed throughout the year mainly from sunlight. Even at 0 ° C, and even at -20 ° C. Only at -273 ° C there is no heat, otherwise the … space! And the best part is that the heat / energy from the outside air is absolutely FREE, renewable and clean. In summer, the heat pump reverses the transfer, taking off heat from the house outwards, so cooling indoor air.

Many puzzled “It is proven or risk losing my money?”

The idea of the heat pump is tested for many decades and also already exists in every home! Where? But in the refrigerator, which is nothing other than a kind of heat pump: takes heat from inside the chamber (hence cooling food) and to release it from the back to the room (put your hand back to find that it outputs heat).

“Ok with the fridge, but we are interested in the heating, has that been tried?”

The heat pump is currently the No1 heating and cooling system in the world and is used in most new buildings of all types and sizes. Why do not people know in Cyprus? Probably because we suffer from … “acute oil-mania”.

“And how much do heat pumps spend to operate?”

Heat Pumps spend a minimum electric current to make the heat transfer, making it the most economical heating system that currently exists. For the argument’s sake, you may see below the results of a study by the National Technical University of Athens. (Attached) From a technological standpoint, this is achieved by a system which is simple in theory as the electric refrigerator of our house, but using the latest generation of technology, such as “smart” electronic control system, inverter technology, sophisticated accessories etc.

In new homes or buildings of every use, heat pumps are one-way based on all possible criteria: economy, comfort, ease of use. Ioannou Alternative Energy has models for every room, from 50 to 1500 square meters.

The Barrier

The biggest obstacle to the installation of heat pumps in new buildings and houses … is our minds: the reluctance and lack of information on individuals, but also engineers, who only know is the “good old boiler”. So we need not cling to the past, because you will pay it expensively and would regret every day in the future!

The Financial Details

With a small extra cost, which corresponds to: – the purchase of a heat pump instead of boiler and tank – the fan coils installed instead of radiators you gain: Coolness for the summertime, that saves the cost buying air-conditioning units for each room Cheap hot water all day, every day, that saves the cost of purchasing and installing solar and electric water heaters for the winter.

The Heat Sensation

The lack of objective information leads to misunderstandings that have to do with how …satisfying is the heat from the heat pump. The answer is one: the sense is superior, better even than the radiator, with greater and more rapid diffusion of heat in space and without any of the negative phenomena that air conditioners, infrareds, fireplaces, etc have. Furthermore, if the customer additionally chooses the solution of hidden vents, he will also enjoy superior ventilation and air filtration.

The aesthetic issue

Some individuals and architects alike, are very much interested in the aesthetics of these solutions. Heat pumps may be regarded as superior in this aspect too, since: – They require just a single compact machine outdoors – There is a minimum occupation of space inside, with modern fan coils (slim design) smaller than radiators, underfloor piping or completely hidden vents.

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