- Model T-T - Three-Phase Transformers


Power Partners’ T-T, or T-connected, overhead distribution transformers can be used for most three-phase applications up to 500 kVA. T-connected transformers consist of two single-phase core/coil assemblies. This type of connection is also referred to as a Scott-T connection.

The Power Partners, Inc. “T-connected,” overhead distribution transformer can be used to serve most three phase applications up to 500 kVA. “T-connected” transformers consist of two single-phase core/ coil assemblies. This type of connection is also referred to as a “Scott-T” connection. “T-connected”, overhead distribution transformers can be used to serve most three-phase applications. However, Triplex designed three phase transformers are needed for some applications where large motors are the load and these motors are frequently started. Oil field pumping loads and some irrigation pumping loads should use only the triplex designs.

  • Wound core with step-lap joints for increased efficiency and lower noise levels.
  • Progressively wound coils with adhesive resins on insulating paper or conductors for increased short circuit strength, efficiency, and thermal strength.
  • CSP protection package available as an option for increased protection against surge currents, short circuits, and overloads:
  • Primary protective links
  • Surge arresters
  • Secondary circuit breaker
  • Secondary breaker operating handle with emergency overload reset and overload signal light
  • Self-venting and resealing cover that eliminates the need for an auxiliary pressure-relief device and offers increased safety through higher tank withstand.
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant paint finish.
  • Cover has 15 kV dielectric insulation and increased resistance to corrosion. The cover is sloped 15, preventing water from collecting and thereby reducing the chances of corrosion and leaking.
  • Lighter weight, lower cost, and cleaner installations than conventional three-phase design.

  • Easier, more economical and cleaner installations are provided by three phase overhead transformers compared to three single-phase units.
  • Lighter weight and lower cost provided by “T-connected” design compared to conventional three-phase design.
  • Elimination of overloads from system unbalance by operating “T-connected” transformers without primary grounds.
  • Avoidance of transformer neutral requirement since third harmonic currents on “T-connected” transformers are negative sequence not requiring a ground path.
  • Reduced installation costs, lower operating cost, safer operation, minimized service disruptions and increased transformer life provided by optional CSP coordinated protection package.
  • The same design, manufacturing and performance advantages that are provided on PPI single phase overhead distribution transformers are incorporated into “T-connected” design.

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