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DERP Technologies, LLC

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The DERP team approaches the design of public or private microgrids with the LEAP (Local Energy Assurance Planning) protocols that have been established by the federal government (through the Public Technology Institute). It is important to apply these LEAP principals, beginning with identifying the critical facilities that must be powered during an emergency/blackout – and identifying their functions, their energy requirements, various energy management options, and adding energy capacity through clean electrical energy sources of local distributed generation (DG) – power that is generated close to the critical loads and which can be managed locally.This is an adaptation of “Form Follows Function” - each microgrid is designed for the individual application and its unique attributes.

Decision support and other planning services available:

  • Integrative energy strategic planning and development including feasibility studies, site selection, power purchase agreements
  • Energy assurance risk assessments, mitigation and implementation
  • Renewable energy power production asset selection
  • Power storage asset selection
  • Project financing including community investments, tax strategies and grants
  • Client and community-wide emergency education and empowerment
  • System intercommunication data collection and command infrastructure

Technologies and services suitable for:

  • Municipalities, farms, distribution centers, and rural small businesses
  • Home owners associations, senior living and mixed-use communities
  • Commercial/industrial applications
  • New and retrofit mixed-use communities
  • Institutions, private schools and college campuses

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