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Characterisation of training scenarios for BWR operator training

The characterisation method for the training scenarios utilised at BWR Operator Training Center (BTC) has been developed in order to confirm the uniformity in complexity of the training scenario. The proposed schemes of scenario characterisation have been applied to sample scenarios currently employed in BTC established for intensive training of BWR operators and the basic validity of the proposed method of scenario evaluation has been confirmed. Through use of the scenario evaluation support system, it has become possible to identify the complexity of scenarios based on objective indices. Substantial improvement in scenarios that implement this system has been verified. The present results show the effectiveness of the proposed method for the objective evaluation of the training courses.

Keywords: operator training, cognitive complexity, training scenarios, alarm, malfunctions, scenario characterisation, subjective evaluation, evaluation support systems, BWR operators, boiling water reactors, nuclear reactors, nuclear energy, nuclear power, nuclear training courses

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