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Michelangelo Network recommendations on nuclear hydrogen production

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The Michelangelo Network (MICANET) was started within the 5th EURATOM Framework Programme (FP5) with the objective to elaborate a general European R&D strategy for the further development of the nuclear industry in the short, medium, and long term. To broaden the application range of nuclear power beyond dedicated electricity generation, the network proposed an orientation for future EURATOM R&D programmes including new industrial aspects of nuclear energy, such as combined heat and power and, particularly, the production of hydrogen or other fuels as a link to CO2-free energy sources. MICANET is acting as the European counterpart and partner to the Generation IV International Forum. The MICANET project ended in November 2005. Goals achieved related to nuclear hydrogen production and other non-electrical nuclear applications are outlined in this paper.

Keywords: Michelangelo Network, MICANET, EU projects, European Union, high temperature reactors, nuclear hydrogen production, nuclear energy, nuclear applications, nuclear power, nuclear reactors

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