Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa Heart Institute, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Courtesy of Thermal Energy International Inc.

Boiler Plant Application


The turnkey FLU-ACE waste heat recovery system was installed by Thermal Energy on four boiler exhausts from a power plant which produced a peak (winter) steam rate of 70,000 lbs/h. The system was designed to recover 10 mmBTU/h of otherwise wasted energy. The recovered heat is used to heat the the world-famous University of Ottawa Heart Institute Research Center building adjacent to the hospital's boiler plant. The 22 ft high FLU-ACE tower replaced the existing 140 ft chimney as the primary stack for the power plant. 'Since its commissioning, the FLU-ACE (system) has helped us in reducing our purchase of energy, in spite of the colder temperatures that prevailed during (the) winter,' said Toussaint St-Aubin, director of the Ottawa Hospital physical plant.


  • Reduction of boiler fuel consumption by 16 to 20%
  • Increase of the overall boiler efficiency to 96%
  • Recovery and reuse of 80 to 90% of waste heat

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