Imam Ambiente s.r.l.

Imam Ambiente s.r.l.

IMAM AMBIENTE s.r.l. is a firm specializing in Renewable Energy. Based in Italy, with offices in Turkey ad Romania, the firm is mainly engaged in solar photovoltaic system, small wind-power generation unit, cogeneration and biomass power plant. The company possesses various senior and junior professionals and its technical and commercial management ensures stable returns. IMAM AMBIENTE s.r.l. takes care of design, develop and manufacture all kinds of Renewable Energy Solutions, following the entire work, from the authorizations to the local contacts, providing specific advisory services based on the needs of each customer.

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Via Carlo Alberto, 47 , Torino , 10123 Italy

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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

The company was founded in May 2008 in Turin, where he currently has its headquarters. Its Managing Director is Dr. Giacomo La Rosa. IMAM AMBIENTE s.r.l. has a branch in Termini Imerese (Palermo), Sicily, situated in Contrada Canne Masche, Industrial Zone. The IMAM AMBIENTE’s group activities began also in Romania. In February 2012 IMAM SOLE & VENTO s.r.l. was born, based in Bucharest, a city located in the west of Romania, at Bulevardul 16 DECEMBRE 1989, Nr. 8. Seven months later, in September 2012, comes the first Turkish company, the IMAM AMBIENTE Gunes VE rüzgâr ENERJİSİ Üretim SAN. Ve Tic. s.r.l. ŞTİ, based in the city of Bursa, at Ihsaniye MH. İZMİR YOLU CD. NO: 120 ESER İŞ Merkezi K: 2 D: 3 Nilufer BURSA.

The aims of IMAM AMBIENTE Ltd are:

  • Design, implement and install photovoltaic systems, small wind and cogeneration units, in order to convert energy produced from renewable sources in electricity / thermal energy;
  • To offer our clients the technical and administrative skills and experience of our senior and junior professionals specialized in renewable energy, for the realization of “turnkey” plants;
  • Search for new sites – such as farmland and industrial buildings – with favorable characteristics for installing photovoltaic systems and small wind turbines;
  • Purchase, lease land or shell intended for the realization of plants;
  • Seek partnerships or other forms of collaboration, involved in the production of electricity from renewable sources, thus helping to improve the environment around us.

The three most valuable sources of renewable energy are the wind, the Sun, and the biomass; for IMAM AMBIENTE Ltd. these three sources mean a real chance to build a future in which the environment can receive more respect. The firm set itself as a promoter of technological innovation in the field of renewable energy, and at the same time a bearer of the noble theme of the environment.

Our company works both in the public and private sector; it provides turnkey systems that meet the needs of every client, by offering the “best solution” in terms of cost / benefit, together with an economic analysis of the investment. Our Renewable Energy Specialists in Sicily, as well as throughout Italy, will be able to recommend the best products that will fit customers’ needs.