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  • Grid & Renewables - On Grid

  • Intensium - Model Max - On Grid System

    Intensium - Model Max - On Grid System

    Saft’s Intensium Max is a ready-to-install containerized solution designed for today’s electricity grids and for the smart grids of tomorrow. It provides a complete, fully integrated energy storage system at the megawatt scale comprising Li-ion battery modules, power management and control interfaces, air conditioning and safety devices.

  • Intensium - Model Smart - On Grid Rack Mounted System

    Intensium - Model Smart - On Grid Rack Mounted System

    The rack-mounted system with Synerion® Li-ion modules offers a modular approach for energy storage schemes in smart buildings and smart distribution grids. Multiples of this building block around 50 kWh energy and 100 kW power can be associated for a flexible solution to the various power and energy requirements of these applications. The system integrates power, safety, management and communications functions into a standalone rack-mounted...

  • Grid & Renewables - Off Grid

  • Sunica - Model Plus - Battery

    Sunica - Model Plus - Battery is the perfect solution for remote installations, especially in developing areas of the world, that rely on various sources of power generation, such as solar panels, wind-turbines and diesel generators, used under the most difficult environmental conditions.

  • Industrial Standby - Starting Applications

  • Model SBLE, SBM, SBH - Block Battery

    Model SBLE, SBM, SBH - Block Battery

    Power is absolutely vital to Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, switching and transmission functions, emergency and security systems, industrial fire monitors and alarms, process control installations, substation switchgear, signaling systems and more.

  • Industrial Standby - Back-up Applications

  • Uptimax - Battery

    Uptimax - Battery

    Uptimax New Generation batteries are at the heart of power backup systems throughout the oil & gas exploration and production, utility and manufacturing industries. If main power is lost, Uptimax ensures the continuity of mission-critical loads, facilitate safe shutdown processes, bridge to standby power and safeguard computer data. Typical power backup applications include: UPS, substation switchgear, process control systems, emergency lighting,...

  • Model SPH - Battery

    Model SPH - Battery

    Cranking up an emergency diesel generator engine or switching on heaters, pumps or other equipment requires batteries that are reliable and operates properly at any temperature. SPH batteries recover their voltage instantaneously, making them the ideal choice for starting applications in conditions off-shore, on-shore, on industrial production lines, on telecom equipment and in critical buildings like hospitals.