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  • SIMULWIND - Case Study

    SIMULWIND - Case Study

    Objective: SIMULWIND came into being as a result of the training needs of new professionals in the wind energy sector to face the challenges posed by the digitalisation of wind farms in industry 4.0. The scope of the project consists of the development of a computer simulator designed for training in maintenance and risk prevention in wind farms, with the aim of reproducing the v


Equipment & Solutions

  • Turbine Gas Meter

    Turbine Gas Meter

    The operating principle of the Turbine Gas Meter is well known. It is based on the measurement of the gas velocity. The flowing gas is narrowed, accelerated and conditioned by the meter upstream straightening section. The dynamic forces of the fluid causes the turbine rotor to rotate. The turbine rotor is mounted onto an axial shaft with high precision low friction stainless steel ball bearings. ...