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  • GridShare rollout for ITOCHU Smart Star batteries - Case study

    ITOCHU, a leading Japanese trading house with business interests and holdings worldwide, partnered with Moixa in order to deploy their own SmartStar Energy Storage System hardware to customers in tandem with Moixa’s GridShare Client service.SmartStar is an advanced 10kWh storage system that also provides whole-home backup services in case of power cuts or disaster scenarios – ...

  • Solar Basics: Roof-Mounted Vs. Ground-Mounted

    When a business goes solar, one major decision is the type of system that is best for the site: roof-mounted or ground-mounted? In this blog, we will break down some of the major distinctions and ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Molecular Sieves

    Molecular Sieves

    Silcarbon molecular sieves are synthetically made zeolites with a defined pore structure. The molecular sieves have uniform pore diameters, which are in the scale of the pore diameters of molecules. These pore systems provide the molecular sieves with the possibility of separating bigger and smaller molecules. In addition, the molecular sieves are also used for the material change with the help ...

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  • Renewable Gas in the Energy Industry

    Renewable Gas in the Energy Industry

    Attendees will gain in-depth knowledge about renewable gas resources, with sessions providing comprehensive coverage of their involved technologies & production processes, market outlook & project economics, and related policy & regulatory initiatives. There will be a holistic review of renewable gas project due diligence, considering financial, investment, engineering and legal aspects of ...