Fly Ash

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Bulk Cement Trucks

    Bulk Cement Trucks

    Bulk Cement Truck, also known as powder material transporter, consists of a special automobile chassis, a bulk cement tank body, a gas pipeline system, and an automatic unloading device. It is suitable for bulk transportation of fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, granular alkali and other dry materials with particle diameter, not more than 0.1mm. Mainly used in cement plants, cement ...

  • RTV High Voltage Insulator Coating

    RTV High Voltage Insulator Coating

    Anti-pollution Flashover Coating (rtv insulator coating)High Voltage Insulator Coatings (HVIC) To prevent the electrical equipment from pollution flashover in humid climate; Free of surface ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Controller System

    Controller System

    Our AVC Specialist brand Rappercon 900 Controller is designed to clear fly ash and other particules from the high voltage frames and electrodes of an Electro-Static Precipitator, knock the ash from collecting plates, clear the material inside the hoppers, or move any material in conveyors where plugging is a concern. The Rappercon 900 Controller card rack can handle up to 32 discrete inputs for ...