Fuel Flow Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Northumbria University Automotive Test Facility - Case Study

    Northumbria University commissioned Sierra CP to undertake the design, build and commissioning of two test cells to further support their Mechanical Engineering undergraduate and Ph.D. courses. The facility is operated by students and engineering staff and is a platform to support the engine and vehicle innovators of the future.The project was awarded to Sierra CP not only due to our extensive ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Gravimetric Steady-State Fuel Flow Metering Unit

    Gravimetric Steady-State Fuel Flow Metering Unit

    The FuelTrak Gravimetric fuel flow measuring system is a compact, high-precision instrument for measuring specific fuel consumption of diesel and petrol/gasoline engines. FuelTrak wetted parts are all stainless steel and Viton, enabling standard reference and ethanol-based fuels to be used.