ACCIONA Windpower introduces its 3 MW wind turbine at PowerExpo 2008 Exhibition in Zaragoza


Source: ACCIONA Energy

ACCIONA Windpower, ACCIONA's wind turbine manufacturing and supply division, today introduced its AW-3000 machine at PowerExpo 2008 Exhibition in Zaragoza, Spain. The new 3 MW rated capacity wind turbine expands the company's range of products in the multi-megawatt market segment.

Designed to leverage the proven strength and high reliability of the company's AW-1500 machine, the AW-3000 offers superior power performance in a variety of wind resource conditions to optimize an owner's investment. The turbine also incorporates superior technical solutions already proven through the AW-1500 in terms of operating capacity and easy maintenance.

The AW-3000 was developed through 14 years' worth of experience derived by ACCIONA Windpower's technical teams in the installation, operation and maintenance of a variety of technologies used in wind parks worldwide. The AW-3000 will leverage the existing AW-1500 supply base for component sourcing.

The largest swept area in the 3 MW segment

The new AW turbine is designed for different wind classes (IEC Ia, IEC IIa and IEC IIIa) and will be manufactured with three rotor diameter options, depending on the characteristics of a specific site: 100, 109 and 116 meters. This represents a swept surface area of up to 10,568 m2, the largest in the market for this capacity. The turbine is supplied with a concrete tower of 100 or 120 meters hub height.

Electricity is generated at medium voltage (12 kV), which reduces production losses and transformer costs. The main shaft is installed on a double frame to reduce loads on the gearbox and extend its working life. The AW-3000 operates at variable speed with an independent pitch system for each blade, again with the aim of reducing loads on the unit and optimizing power production.

The machine is equipped with a number of intelligent control and monitoring systems, such as a Control and Power Unit, a Condition Monitoring System for certain key components, and an Automatic Lubrication System for the main shaft, generator and blades.

Other highlights of the machine are its spacious, ergonomically-designed nacelle with direct access to the hub from inside the nacelle, anti-slip surfaces, noise insulation and fireproof materials to provide excellent safety conditions for maintenance.

The AW-3000 wind turbine will be available on the market in 2009, with deliveries of the first machines expected in the second half of 2010.

Strong growth

Four years after producing its first wind turbine, ACCIONA Windpower has become one of the world's primary WTG manufacturers - the seventh in the world as of year-end 2007, according to BTM Consult ApS -- with 873 MW supplied last year. The company expects this number to significantly increase in 2008. In the last two years, ACCIONA's installed capacity has increased by approximately 100% annually.

ACCIONA Windpower has already become a global supplier; by the end of 2008, it will have more than two thousand wind turbines installed in twelve countries: the U.S., Canada and Mexico in North America; Spain, the UK, France, Italy, Greece and Poland in Europe; China and South Korea in Asia; and Australia in Oceania.

Its status as a global supplier is enhanced by a strong local presence, with production facilities located in strategic markets. The company presently has four factories, two located in Spain and one each in the United States, and China; combined, these offer an overall production capacity of 2,625 MW a year.

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