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Welcoming our new senior project engineering specialist, catalyst systems


Source: Innova Global Limited.

Innova Global is very pleased to announce Rand Drake as the newest member of our Catalyst Team, filling the position of Senior Project Engineering Specialist in Orlando, Florida.

Rand has an extensive mechanical engineering background which includes design of catalyst systems, ammonia supply systems, propane systems, electronic/hydraulic systems, mobile power plants, mobile reserve osmosis plants and steam plants.  Rand led product design development, fabrication and construction of the first successful high temperature simple cycle SCR/CO emissions control system for large frame combustion turbines.  Additionally, Rand directed engineering design on over twenty SCR systems for refinery FCCU projects.

Rand will be an integral member of the Catalyst Team, bringing his extensive knowledge of combustion turbine catalyst systems to Innova’s state of the art designs to offer our clients the most efficient and cost competitive catalyst systems.

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