Apostolovi MA Ltd.

Apostolovi MA Ltd.

- Pressurized Solar Water Heater


Features: Mains pressure solar water heaters with copper coil heat exchangers. Heat exchanging takes place instantly whenever hot water is being used. Advantage:simple system structure. Output pressurized hot water. Test pressure:0.6MPa.

All the parts are the same to our non pressure SWH, except adding a heat exchanger copper coil inside tank, we use water directly from copper coil as a closed loop to get the pressure the same as tap water. But our tank is still unpressure type, so make sure vents open always as well.

This type, we must install feeding tank, the principle is not the same as non pressure SWH, it just makes up some water into tank in case evaporating from vent. Because we don’t use water from tank, the tank just works as a warmer to heat coil. So after days or years, water will be less and less, auto feeding tank will start to work and feed water into the big tank.

The advantage of this type is: it can bear 0.6Mpa pressure, so you can enjoy a nice shower, also you can connect this type to your electrical boiler or gas heater directly.

  • Outer tank: Al-Zn Coated Steel Sheet/color steel
  • Inner tank: SUS 304-2B Stainless Steel sheet
  • Insulation:  polyurethane foam(55mm/65mm)
  • Vacuum tube: borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Absorption coating: Al-N-Al
  • Stand: aluminum alloy/galvanized sheet

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