- Model V - Industrial Steam Boilers



The V vaporizer is designed as an exchange basis for the production of medium pressure steam from steam at higher pressure or thermal oil. The heating is done through two exchanger tube bundles of stainless steel or carbon steel mounting a plate of the same material.

The body is cylindrical, dished type topped by Klopper and the materials used in both elements can be stainless steel AISI 304 L, AISI 316L or carbon steel. The steam generator is built according to design standards, and welding procedures as approved.

The calculation procedure follows the ISO 9001 protocol, which ATTSU is accredited by Bureau Veritas and is calculated according to the German standard Merkblatter AD 2000.

The construction of the tank is built following the protocol of ISO 9002 and accredited by CE.

Compliance with the Regulation of Pressure Equipment and its supplementary technical instructions in force, the new European Directive 97/23/EC Pressure Devices and has the mandatory CE marking.

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