Chaudières Spéciales Caloporteurs (CSC)

Biomass Combustion Systems



CSC began a partnership in 2006 to manufacture, under a license from DES – Danish Energy Systems – a state of the art combustion system to burn biomass with low heat value, ensuring emissions in accordance with the highest environmental standards. All of our combustion grates are tailor made and produced individually for the specific fuels that our customers want to combust. Many factors are considered in the designing process, such as heat value, ash amount, ash melting point, chloride levels, hydrocarbon, etc. Our combustion grates are quite unique as they are equipped with 100% divided drying zones, combusting and cooling zones to secure an optimal control of the combustion, and consequently are one of the most used combustion grates in Europe. Turn-key combustion systems, from 1MW to 25MW.

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