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Solar Cell Tabbing Ribbon


Solar Cell Tabbing or Interconnect Wire are primarily produced from a tin or tin alloy coated copper flat wire*.  Ulbrich has been producing conductive materials for the photovoltaic industry since 1992, accumulating years of expertise that is applied to each and every order.  A critical feature of Tabbing and Interconnect is lower yield strength and higher elongation.  Our standard ribbon is engineered softer than the inferior higher yield strength ribbon commonly produced.  Our XP Ribbon, capable of larger cross sections, transmits electricity even more efficiently.

Our Solar Cell Tabbing and Interconnect Wire is rolled from round wire in a proprietary process, then solder coated on all four sides.  This combination of processes results in superior coatings and a completely burr free product. Our PV Ribbon products are produced from the highest quality material with each order engineered to your dimensional and physical property specifications.


  • PV Ribbon engineered to individual client specifications with dimensional and physical property flexibility to fit your solar module design
  • Base metal options: CDA 110, Cu-ETP1, CDA 101, CDA 102 and Cu-OF1 copper alloys, aluminum alloys and hybrids
  • Rolled flat, from round wire for burr free ribbon with in-line gauge measurement for dimensional thickness and width accuracy & consistency
  • State of the art annealing ensures consistent physical properties with low yield strength, high elongation for low cell breakage
  • Lead or lead free consistent solders applied on all four sides post production for a perfect bond between solar cell and tabbing ribbon
  • Precision levelled, wound and packaged for safe transport and problem-free stringing
  • Minimal camber for optimal bus bar alignment
  • Flexible cell bond options regardless of heat source including infrared, iron soldering, induction, laser, hot air or conductive films and tapes
  • ISO Certified and PV Ribbon produced in accordance with SEMI standard PV18-0811 and SEMI standard PV19-0811


  • Multi-Lingual Applications Engineers located strategically around the globe to assist you in determining the best PV Ribbon choices to fit your solar module design.
  • Our manufacturing facilities are located in North America, Europe and Asia for short lead times and availability.


  • We’ve been producing solar cell tabbing and interconnect wire since the early 90’s, gaining valuable knowledge and expertise that is unrivalled.
  • Our Engineers and Executives are some of the most highly trained PV experts worldwide.

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