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  • Price Flexibility at the Gym and Your Next Solar Project

    Price Flexibility at the Gym and Your Next Solar Project

    What do going to the gym and purchasing historical solar radiation data online have in common?Price flexibility. As a consumer, this is very important to me. You see, I really love fitness. I have a firm dedication to my cardiovascular health and physical strength that gets me to the gym or out running on trails several times a week. When I visit the gym, I like to do deadlifts, squats an

  • Energy Monitoring System

    Energy Monitoring System

    OverviewIammeter is a dedicated commercial energy monitoring system developed by us, to which you can connect your own Modbus energy meter and then start to monitor the electricity usage for ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Solar Data Logger

    Solar Data Logger

    The PV-3 data logger is used by installers, householders, renewable energy companies to check PV (photo voltaic) installations. It can record solar irradiation up to 1,500W/m2 (watts per square meter), DC Voltage and DC Current produced by the panel, allowing you to assess the performance of a solar energy installation.