Ecoremedy, LLC

Gasification System for Agricultural Waste to Energy, Biochar, and Nutrients - Agriculture

It’s a global concern.  Animal manure, excess fertilizer applied to crops and fields, and soil erosion make agriculture one of the largest sources of nitrogen and phosphorus run-off in the world.  Regulations requiring environmentally sound manure disposal inhibit farm growth and industry efficiency and threaten revenue received from sales of manure for fertilizer.  Ecoremedy® provides farmers a solution to nitrogen and phosphorous soil loading with a bottom line return.


Using the Ecoremedy® advanced gasification process, animal waste (manure, spoiled feed, mortality) is safely converted to renewable energy for use on the farm and clean, dry, concentrated nutrients that are beneficially enriching the soil as all-natural, organically sourced fertilizer.  Our advanced gasification process yields the highest nutrient retention of all energy conversion systems; proven to retain nutrient availability levels well in excess of 90%.  Additionally, Ecoremedy® recovered nutrients are more readily absorbed by plants and animals than commercial nutrients.

  • Fuel Flexibility – No supplemental fuels are required allowing Ecoremedy® to gasify fuels outside competitor capabilities while performing equally well on “standard” feedstock.
  • Ease of Operations – Automated controls enable round the clock operation with minimal operator attention.
  • Economics- Modular design reduces manufacturing and installation costs.
  • High Retained Nutrients – Greater than 90% nutrient availability providing a saleable nutrient byproduct that competes with commercial fertilizers.
  • Lower freight costs –Waste volume is reduced by 15X allowing for economical removal and relocation of nutrients.